The long way home: Canadian edition

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and nowhere is that more true than for a trip shaped like a circle. The good news, for us, is that the way home passed though some of the most spectacular scenery Canada has to offer – and that we got to visit boatloads of friends and family along the way.

First up: Vancouver and the hearty Mongol-rally-esque welcome of Dave Moscrop.

Then, onwards to a lovely evening in Kamloops with the equally lovely Katie and Tyson.

Then, Banff – Kiavash is plainly very excited about bubble tea and the scenery, in that order.

Can't forget a post-hike dip in the springs.

Obligatory Lake Louise shot.

After conquering Sulpher Mountain on foot, we wisely opted for the gondola ride down.

Possibly the most gorgeous campsite ever.

Ever eastward, we stopped in the Alberta badlands, which are really quite awesome.

This dinosaur looks like a large version of the bugs on our car's grill, at this point.

Prairie butterfly.

Alberta ranch.

We got stuck waiting for this to pass and lost count at 150 cars. It was all very prairie.

One of the few remaining old style grain elevators on the Trans-Canada.

Saskatchewan at dusk.

Prairie sunset over the Trans-Canada.

Moose Jaw city hall – lots of Art Deco here.

Grain elevator in Moosomin, SK

Mural in Winnipeg.

Island at the Manitoba cottage where we had a very warm welcome from the Dewar clan (thanks guys!).

Thunder Bay was great from the vista of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park (can you spot the giant?)

The only thing that could top Sleeping Giant was camping on the beach at Lake Superior Provincial Park. Gorgeous views, and great swimming in August.
Jesse, Colleen, Maddie and Niki showed us a great time in Sudbury.
We stopped for a hike to the falls on the French River – I have new respect for the folks we saw portaging them!
Last stop was the cottage for a great visit with my folks, then back to Ottawa.

Yup. The end. Thanks for coming with us!



One response to “The long way home: Canadian edition

  1. Thanks for sharing the your amazing road trip with us. At times your great story telling made it feel like I was right there beside you. Godo thing I wasn’t . . . had I been you’d never have gotten out of NOLA.
    Now where’s my fedora???????? Every bluesman needs a fedora.

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